About Us

Gaylon Perry, Designer

At Perry Home Design, we take pride in  working with you to create the perfect design for your home. We consider  it a privilege to work with you as you embark on the journey to  building your dream home. Contact us today to start working on your home  design!

Generate excitement

Perry Home Designs is a custom home design  firm specializing in residential home plans. Founded in 1991, our  company began as Gaylon started Drawing plans for his fathers construction company. As we worked with various  sub-contractors we listened to their feedback and improved the way  typical plans were being designed. This change has improved  sub-contractor, contractor, and client relationships.  Perry Home  Designs truly is "Where dreams become reality."

What we offer

Perry Home Designs has a long-standing  commitment to the continual expansion of our industries knowledge and  expertise. Through the course of our tenure, we have developed a  widespread recognition for excellence in service and quality. Our innovative 3D modeling process exceeds standard industry practice. It  gives our clients the ability to see their home before it becomes a  reality.